Going through the corn (THE NURSERY - 1875)

1.Right and left upstanding,
See on either side,
Blooming corn expanding,
Rippling like the tide.
With breath of Eden scented,
On the breezes borne,...
All in love presented,
Going through the corn.
2. Bath'd in light etherial,
Ripening in the sun,
Royal corn imperial,
Bread for every one.
Tis God's own gift descending,
For the poor and lorn,...
See the full ears bending,
Going through the corn.
3. Thrush and blackbird singing
In the coppice near,
All the blue sky ringing
With their notes so clear!
The twitt'ring swallows skimming,
Through the air of morn,...
Happy all, all hymning,
Going through the corn.

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